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Our law firm represents those charged with any DUI,
criminal allegation or speeding ticket in the Ridgecrest
Court.  If you have a criminal charge in the Ridgecrest
Court we can help.  We are a Kern County based
criminal Law Firm that has handled serious DUI,
criminal and traffic matters in the east Kern area for
well over ten years.  When you have been arrested
and been given a Court date in the Ridgecrest judicial
district we can assist you.  In many cases we can go
to Court for you and resolve your charges.

Cases we have handled include:  drunk driving, driving
under the influence, drug charges, possession for
sale, speeding tickets for driving over 100 , reckless
driving, driving on a suspended license, failure to
appear, warrants, expungements, marijuana charges,
and many other misdemeanor and felony crimes in the
Ridgecrest Court.

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