Mojave Desert Criminal Defense Lawyers
      Matthew Ruff, Attorney at Law    661-243-1084  
         If you want to hire an attorney you have 3 options

 You can schedule an appointment to come in to our office
and sign the necessary paperwork to allow us to proceed on
your case.

2.  You can send us an email at
and request to have the attorney send you the retainer
agreement via email.

3.  You can contact us and request we fax the retainer
agreement to you directly or to your next truck stop, simply fill
out the faxed agreement and fax it back to us at

We accept all major credit cards or allow payment via direct
deposit with most major banks.  The attorney can be hired to
handle all types of criminal and traffic cases in Kern County
including DUI, speeding tickets, failure to appear, reckless
driving, commercial truck violations, failure to appear among
many others.

Once the form is returned and we receive the required fee we
will send you an email confirmation that we will be representing
you on the case.

If you have any questions contact us directly at   661-243-1084