Arrested or Cited in The Mojave Desert, Kern County?


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Facing a Court date in the Mojave Superior Court? Call local Kern
County attorney Matt Ruff and Alex Griggs for a no cost assessment
of your Mojave case.   Ask for the  attorney, you will not be "passed
off" to a paralegal or legal assistant.  Unlike many Law Firms, our
office believes that the client should speak directly with the Lawyer
and not a case manager or non-attorney whose sole job is to do a
sales pitch.  These firms that engage in these practices are usually
not even located in the jurisdiction they are marketing.

WARNING! Typically these Out of Area Law Firms "farm out" or
subcontract out the case to a local attorney that receives a fraction of
the fee being charged to the client and has no loyalty to the client.  
Often these "mill firms" will assure the client that the attorney
handling the case is proficient, however they usually have no local
knowledge of the Mojave Court and will be effectively
"Home-towned"  when they appear in the Mojave Court.

We promise each of our clients that we will endeavour to resolve their
case in the best possible manner.  We understand that most people
will have little experience hiring a lawyer so we make the process
simple and easy to understand.  Our fees are typically one-time flat
fee agreements that give each client the assurance that no matter
how much time is spent on the case, they will not be charged any
more than the amount agreed to.

Our Law Firm defends DUI cases, speeding tickets, reckless driving,
drug possession, driving on a suspended license, all serious criminal
charges.  The lawyer can go to Court for you if you fear appearing
before the Judge due to immigration issues or if you have a belief you
may not be able to communicate your case to the Judge effectively.

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