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Facing a criminal charge or DUI in Lake Isabella California or
 When you or someone you know is facing DUI
charges in the Lake Isabella Court you need a lawyer familiar
with the local system.  For close to fifteen years we have been
defending ordinary people charged with drunk driving in the Kern
County area.  If your arrest has taken place in the last ten days a
DMV hearing must be requested in order to save your drivers
license after a DUI detention.

As local Kern River Valley attorneys and Lake Isabella DUI
Lawyers we can go to Court for you in the Lake Isabella Court
and resolve the criminal charges, many times without the client
ever needing to show up in the Lake Isabella Court.

Our DUI Attorneys have successfully defended driving under the
influence cases including charges involving high blood alcohol
levels, refusals, car accidents, felony allegations, DUI with priors,
child endangerment, speed enhancements, drunk in public, and
all other misdemeanor and serious felony criminal charges in
Lake Isabella, Bodfish, Kern River Valley,  Wofford Heights,
Kernville, and the surrounding areas.

We also resolve old warrants in the east Kern superior court,
Kernville and Lake Isabella Branch.  For example, just recently
attorney Ruff's office was retained by a client currently living
outside the state of California who had an
outstanding bench
in the local Court.  The charges were for possession of
drugs.  The client could not get his license and was being denied
employment due to the felony warrant.  The attorney filed a
motion to dismiss all charges based on the delay in the case and
the Court granted the motion which resulted in the warrant being
recalled, all charges dismissed.  The best part about it is that the
client never had to appear in Court.

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Lake Isabella Criminal Defense Lawyer for an
immediate consultation directly with the attorney that will handle
your case.

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The Kern County District Attorney pursues all DUI, criminal and
drunk driving cases very aggressively.  In fact, the Lake Isabella
Court is renowned for harsh sentences for convictions of all
driving under the influence charges.  A local Lawyer familiar with
the Lake Isabella Judges can give you a distinct advantage., we
can take care of a
failure to appear in kern county court .

Over the last decade we have saved our client's drivers licenses,
kept them out of jail and allowed them to keep a DUI conviction
off their criminal record, we can help you too with your drunk
driving, DWI case in Lake Isabella California.  When you have
been arrested for a DUI in the K
ernville area, whether it be by
the CHP, the Kern County Sheriff or State Park police, you need
Lake Isabella DUI Lawyer and DMV attorney to help you
protect your rights and defend the case.
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