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One of the most prevalent of all criminal offenses is DUI.   When a person is arrested for drunk
driving in Tehachapi 2 things come into play.  First, the officer takes the license from the accused
and serves him or her with an official notice of the DMV's intent to suspend, which is also a
temporary license.  Many folks ignore the importance of this document and falsely believe that
they can simply do nothing until they go to Court.  This is wrong.  If you want to save your
license from an automatic suspension that can last for a minimum of 4 months and up to 2 years,
you must contact the DMV and demand a hearing.  A Tehachapi DUI Lawyer can file
paperwork with the DMV to stop the suspension from going into effect.The purpose of this step
is to challenge the
administrative per se license confiscation that flows from the arrest.  
Defenses to the suspension can include the failure of the police officer to follow the statutory
regulations,  lack of probable cause to stop or arrest, and showing that the driver was stopped
while in the absorptive state and his/her BAC was lower at the time of driving than it was at the
time of testing, just to name a few.

The second step is the Tehachapi criminal case that will be brought against the individual.  The
foundation of the case will be the charge of Vehicle Code section 23152 which is broken down
into 2 sub-charges, the "A" count and the "B" count.  VC23152A is the common law offense of
driving under the influence, also know as driving while you are impaired either by alcohol or
drugs or both.  The 23152B allegation is driving with a .08% or more of alcohol in your blood.  
Both vehicle Code violations carry a potential jail sentence, a substantial fine, mandatory
completion of a DUI school for up to 18 months, among many other penalties.  The good news is
that with the help of a Tehachapi DUI Attorney the charges could potentially be dropped,
reduced or the penalty minimized.

A recent success story for our office is a case where the client was stopped after leaving a local
bar.  The client, a visitor to the area working on the wind farms, was subjected to various FST's
and a breath test.  He called Tehachapi DUI Lawyer Bruce Blythe and retained him to defend
the case.  Bruce appeared in the Mojave Court and negotiated a dismissal of the Driving Under
the Influence charges.

All criminal cases in Tehachapi are heard in the East Kern Superior Court in Mojave.
Our Tehachapi Criminal Defense Attorneys handle all charges such as drug possession, domestic
violence, assault, driving on a suspended license and all other criminal offenses.  Protecting the
rights of our clients is what we do and we do it better than anyone else.  Our goal as
Criminal Lawyers is to keep any indiscretions from becoming part of a person's permanent
record.  We also handle
speeding tickets in mojave and commercial driving ticket cases in the
Mojave Court

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