Bear Valley Springs DUI Attorney
Have you been arrested for a criminal offense in Bear Valley Springs?
The city of Bear Valley Springs is a popular destination for those seeking peace and
solitude as well as those that love nature and the outdoors.  Unfortunately, law
enforcement officials and local police agencies patrolling the area have a very
aggressive attitude towards drivers who have chosen to drink and then drive.  Our
attorneys can help defend a DUI allegation in the Kern County Courts and also fight
to save your drivers license and keep a drunk driving conviction from ruining your life.

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We can explain your legal rights and options and offer guidance to those facing an
appearance in Court.  Our
Mojave CA Lawyers have years of experience challenging
all manner of driving under the influence charges such as VC 23152 and VC 23153.

Our experience in defending drivers accused of DUI is unparalleled.  Our Law Firm
has well over 2000 driving under the influence under our belt.  We know how to
achieve the best result in any drunk driving case in Kern County.

For example, in one recent case.  Our firm represented a client arrested by the Bear
Valley Police Department after a solo vehicle accident on Cumberland Road.  The
client was charged with VC 23152 driving while intoxicated and VC 20002, hit and
run.  The arresting officer administered numerous filed sobriety tests and claimed the
client failed them.  The client was thereafter brought to Tehachapi and given a breath
test that showed a level above .08%.  The client was issued a temporary
license/notice of suspension and issued a citation with a Court date in the Mojave
Court.  The officer wrote a 30 page arrest/collision report and submitted it to the
District Attorney and the Department of Motor Vehicles in Bakersfield.  Soon after,
the client hired our firm to represent him on the case.

Our DUI Lawyer immediately commenced an investigation of the facts and
uncovered a number of deficiencies in the evidence, including violations in the
regulations relating to the breath test that was administered.  At the DMV hearing in
March of 2013 the attorney poked so many holes in the case that the DMV set the
action aside and returned the client's drivers license.  In Court, the DUI charges were
dropped and reduced to lesser charges.  In the end, no license suspension was
handed down and the client was not required to file any SR-22.

If youor a loved one has been arrested for a DUI or any criminal offense, we can help.