Are you facing a DUI charge in California City?  We can help.  

All arrests that occur in Cal City go to the Kern County Superior Court in Mojave for
prosecution.  Our DUI Lawyers have handled well over a thousand  cases in the Mojave
Court alone.  

A DUI arrest begins with the officer taking the suspect into custody and administering a
breath test or taking a blood sample.  If the alleged drunk driver refuses to submit to or fails
to complete a breath or blood test, the DMV will take action to suspend or revoke the
driver's license for up to three full years.   Our California City DUI Attorneys are familiar with
the law and defense that can be utilized to save a person from a DUI conviction.

For nearly 20 years our Law Firm has been fighting DUI and other criminal charges in
California City.  The lawyer is available to speak to you about your specific case and chart
out a plan to get charges dismissed.  Our Law Firm gives special treatment to members of
the armed forces and active duty military personnel.