Mojave Lawyer Sitemap
This website offers information and resources for individuals seeking legal counsel in the
Mojave and East Kern Court.  Our firm practices criminal law in the Mojave area.  You may
not have been aware that the area handles more speeding tickets than any other
jurisdiction.  Our practice focuses exclusively on crimes such as DUI, Drunk Driving,
Hazardous Materials Violations, Drug Offenses, Speeding tickets, reckless driving, and
domestic violence charges.  This site contains general content and is not intended to take
the part of a one on one consultation with an attorney that can evaluate your case and
explore the options available.  We are licensed to practice law in the state of California only
and do not intend to offer advice on other state's laws in the area of criminal defense.  The
content of this site is for informational purposes only, nothing should be relied upon as being
applicable to your specific case.  

China Lake Naval Air Base, Edwards Military Station, Ridgecrest, and Mohave area arrests.