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If you are looking for a lawyer to appear in Court for you on a case you have in
Mojave Court, you have come to the right place.  Attorney Bruce Blythe has been
representing good people in this Court for 20 years and he knows the ins and outs of
the local judiciary, from the DA to the bailiff to the Judge hearing your matter, he has
years of experience to help you get out of the mess you are facing.

Perhaps the most common cases we handle in Mojave Court are traffic matters
involving excessive speed, reckless driving, DUI, drunk driving and driving on a
suspended license.  Not many people know it but these cases can be beat using
legally recognized defenses and showing mistakes in police work and the insufficiency
of the evidence.

We are very experienced in handing cases in the Mojave Court. Over the past decade
our firm has successfully defended persons charged with crimes in the Mojave
Superior Court.  The Court is part of the east Kern County Branch Court and serves
the cities of China Lake Naval Station Mojave, Edwards Air Force Base, California
City, Boron, Rosamond, Tehachapi, the Mojave Desert, Lake Isabella, Ridgecrest and
Cantil.  The Mojave Court is comprised of two Courtrooms and is presided over by
one supervising Judge and two Court Commissioners.  Many of the cases before the
Court are from CHP vehicle stops on Highway 58 or the 14 and involve persons simply
"passing through" on their way to Las Vegas, Lancaster, Bakersfield, Ridgecrest or
other parts of the Country.

We also handle arrests by the Kern County Sheriffs Department in one of the National
Parks or on the Air Force Base.

The kinds of offenses common to the area are
Drug Possession, Marijuana, Cocaine,
Methamphetamine, Heroin, etc., as well as DUI,
Drunk Driving, DWI, Driving under the
influence, Driving on a suspended license, speeding, driving over 100 mph, reckless
driving, child endangerment, commercial truck violations, log book offenses, speeding,
Hazardous Materials Offenses,  weight violations, failure to appear and other
vehicle code offenses.

In the last 20 years Bruce has had many success stories, hundreds of dismissals,
many acquittals and countless set asides at the DMV for license suspension hearings.
Among the more recent Court victories is as follows:  Mr. Blythe defended a client that
was arrested in Tehachapi for DUI.  The lawyer appeared for the client who was a
wind farm worker and was able to persuade the D.A. to drop the drunk driving charges
which saved the client's license and a blemish on his permanent record.

Contact us for a Honest assessment and evaluation of your Kern County Criminal
case.  When you are making the important decision of which lawyer you choose to
handle your case it is important to know that the attorney focuses on the area of
practice your case involves.  We focus exclusively in the area of criminal defense, it is
not a "sideline" of business for us, it is our life's work and passion.  We fight the good
fight every day to ensure our client's rights are protected and not trampled over by
zealous prosecutors and dishonest police officers.  We work together with other
lawyers including
Torrance Criminal Defense Attorneys in cases where our clients
have pending matters in neighboring counties. We provide the local advantage and
give our clients the edge of years of local knowledge.

In addition to the vast array of criminal charges our firm defense, we also offer full
service representation on all DMV matters such as APS hearings for drunk driving
negligent operator DMV hearings for individuals with excessive points on their
driving record, medical suspensions for various ailments the state considers
dangerous to driving, and
Tehachapi DUI cases .  We can refer cases out of the area
clients needing legal services beyond our scope of practice.  Our seasoned lwyers
also defend
DUI charges in California City . We also clear holds on MVR and DMV
records that result from failure to appear in court for traffic tickets.

Our attorney, Bruce Blythe has earned the respect and admiration of the Judges and
District Attorneys office in Mojave in light of the years we have been practicing criminal
defense and the fact that our office is local to Kern County, we show up in Court for
you and can present an effective defense, utilizing all available resources, technology
and scientific advancements in DUI cases, radar speeding tickets and drug cases
such as marijuana DWI.

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